Click on name to see photos of herd sire and offspring.  This is for information only, the males are retired and we no longer book breedings.


Westwood's Kokomo

DOB: 6/90 (J.J. Houdini x Kelly Ann's Angelica)  ILR# 84446

Apricot gold with golden disposition. 6 female cria and 2 male -- all with excellent health and growth. Woolly cria are showing characteristics of paternal grand-sire Slivovitz.


Bolivian Grey Boy

DOB: 2/94 (*Bohrt's Black Jack x *Bohrt's Black Elegance)  ILR# 119978

If you are tired of gold Bolivian studs, move up to platinum with silver trim. Heavy wool (head, ears, and leg coverage), excellent banana ears and a twinkle in his eye. All his cria are knock-outs and smart. Production to 2/02 of 5 female and 9 male cria.

Lucky LaRue

DOB: 8/95 (*Chavito x *Leela Bolivia)  ILR# 136555

Rich red locks of extremely fine fiber.  This is a well conformed male with a laid back attitude.  He brings all these traits to improve even the best females.  His first crias are keepers.  Production to 10/01 of 1 female and 4 male cria.

Bolivian Wise Guy

DOB: 2/96  (*El Gran Senor x *Diosa dela Montana)  ILR# 171246

Another light gray with a touch of white on his forehead.  This male is well conformed and extremely well mannered and cooperative.  He promises to pass these good traits on to his offspring.

Bolivian Rojo

DOB:  3/99 (*Bolivian Red x *Bolivian Scarlet)  ILR# 207784

This young male is just starting to think about the ladies.  He's red and white like his sire with the stature of a domestic.  He was over 42 inches at the withers when he was just one year old, but he remains gentle and easy to handle as he looks down on you.


Rondo de Americanas

DOB: 9/93 (*Rustico de Bolivia x Mimosa de Chili)  ILR# 114898

Very fancy red and brown male from an established line of heavy wooled llamas. His fiber has average diameter of 20.7 m and falls into waves and curls. Very mellow. First cria a fawn suri-type -- unbelievable looks!!  His cria (5 females and 3 males) all have incredibly soft, flowing fiber


Macho Rolando

DOB: 11/91 (Mocha Macho x Madronas Daphne Rose)  ILR# 101533

Macho Camacho and Federico lines; charcoal gray with white tuxedo, ear and head wool. Proven male, great babies.


Fibber McGee

DOB: 8/92 (B.T. Huckstable x Nickelodeon)  ILR# 105433

Huckleberry Finn grandson with long silky white wool, ear and head wool. Average fiber diameter is 25.7 m. Fancy male who can upgrade the plainest female. Great, woolly offspring of which 4 are female and 6 are male.


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